By: Mckenna

Lifestyle & Concierge Service

Our job is to take load off homeowners of multiple homes or part-time residents. Our clients will have one point of contact, they can rely on to fulfill every request. No job is too big or too small. We provide lifestyle managment and concierge services in all aspects of our client's life with the highest level of service and safety every time we step foot on the property.  

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Address: 6950 E. 1st Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  • schedule and coordinate service and 

  • home maintenance 

  • (pest control, HVAC, plumber, electrician)

  • complete exterior site walk-includes pictures

  • monitor landscaping and pool maintenance 

  • check appliances and electronics 

  • pick up mail, newspaper and packages left outside

  • check security- make sure all doors and 

  • windows are shut and alarm is set 



  • grocery shop/ pantry stock 

  • appointment booking 

  • vehicle maintenance: gas, plug-in trickle charger

  • manage pickups/deliveries 

  • forward packages and mail 

  • coordinate car transportation to airport 

  • preparation for house guests 

All services can be customized to clients specific needs

*Nance Lifestyle is insured

Nance Lifestyle by Mckenna